Sunday, March 22, 2009

I've Got the Snowboarding Blues

I have been dying to go boarding this weekend, but my mom won't let me because I have a huge writing project for my Social Studies class. I don't even know where to start! I don't know why I should even try, I'm not going to get a good grade. Our assignment is to write an explication essay on the branches of government. I wish that Mr. Knight would try to make the assignments more interesting, by giving us something that we can relate to. I don't know, it would be fun to like write jokes, like political cartoons or write about something that I am interested in. That's why I never really care to do his writing assignments, because they are boring and I forget all of the information after I write it down. If he made the assignments more interesting maybe I would try harder or at least feel inclined to do it at all. Well, enough of my rambling... I hope all you lucky people on the slopes are enjoying the powder!!

Soccer Tournament

We had our last soccer tournament of the season on Wednesday and Thursday... and we lost both games!! I can't believe it! We worked so hard! Oh well, this was just our indoor soccer season, and spring is almost here, so I guess I can wait until our outdoor season starts at school! I think our school team will be good this year!